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Concentric or eccentric binder - concentric or eccentric binding line

Our RefQtyDescription 
017-162221POURTIER 10 pos. Concentric Binder with Oscillat. Lay Plates
017-165371POURTIER 2 Cop Eccentric Binding Head, Model TGE
017-156221CORTINOVIS Standalone Concentric Binder
017-120381POURTIER High Speed Concentric Binder
017-172691KUKAMA High Speed Concentric Binder 200 mm, Model VSH200
017-137631FRISCH,3-Cops Binding Head
017-149121FRISCH High Speed Concentric Binder 250 mm, Model FW250
017-151331KABMATIK Tape Pay-off with Concentric Binder
017-148721Central Binder For One Wire

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